Great Banquet Reunion Group CardIt has been a truly rewarding Spring Banquet Season - YES and Chrysalis weekends, two jail weekends, two prison weekends, and three in-house weekends!  As we close out with the last two this month, Women’s #182 and #183, we can only praise God that He has continued to bless this ministry all these years.  I wonder if those who were involved early on with a handful of Walks every year ever envisioned decades later still having the impact of full weekends with the opportunity for lives to be changed in very dramatic ways.  Thousands have now attended as guests in addition to huge numbers of inmates across western Kentucky – all invited to sit at table and come closer to Jesus.  Thanks to everyone at FPC who gave of their time, energy, resources, and even those who joyfully gave up classroom or kitchen space for the sake of the guests who were in our midst.