More Partners for FPC!

SDBV partnersFPC has a new set of partners in the Yucatan!  During our one-year follow-up visit with our partners in Xoy in June, we signed a new covenant with the members of the Getsemani National Presbyterian Church in San Diego Buena Vista.  The folks there showed us the same kind of hospitality as our friends in Xoy, and are just as needy for a water plant.  They now have to drive about 50 kilometers to purchase water in Tzucacab.  We have sent them drawings for the building and are awaiting their estimates for the construction.  When the building is finished, and when we have raised enough funds to purchase the equipment, we’ll return for installation and education.



Xoy truckOur friends in Xoy are doing great!  They have purchased a well-used pickup truck for deliveries, and are selling over (100) 20 liter bottles each day.  Nearly 90% of their product is delivered.  They have also begun bottling 0.5 liter bottles to sell to the tiendas (convenience stores) in Xoy and surrounding villages.  They are real entrepreneurs, but still consider the purified water as part of their ministry.  They are good stewards with what God has given them and what we have been able to share with them.

The FPC Living Waters for the World mission team is now meeting on the third Thursday of each month to plan for the return trip to San Diego Buena Vista.  We would love to have new folks join us for these meetings (and for the return trip).  Special training is not required but is available if you would like.

Great is His Faithfulness


August Mission Update

Xoy Building (2)Xoy OperatorsDios es Bueno!  After correcting a slight glitch in the regeneration cycle of the water softeners at Xoy and Peto, both plants are producing purified water.  These pictures are the latest we have of the building in Xoy and 3 of their 6 operators.  They are proud of their plant and we are blessed to be their partners.  They have already established a relationship with the operators of the Mani plant, less than 40 km away, and these folks will be a valuable resource for the new Xoy plant.  Our follow-up “Shareholders Meeting” here last month was well attended, but if you didn’t get to see the slide show, let us know and we’ll get you a copy.  We have recently sent funds to Xoy to help them drill a new well, since their first well has been plagued with problems.  We have also sent some “seed” money to help them purchase a delivery vehicle for their plant.  Please continue to pray for our partners in both Xoy and Peto, and we’ll keep you informed as to how they’re doing.

To Xoy and Back

Xoy CelebrationIt’s difficult to describe all that God did in the lives of nine of us as we traveled from First Presbyterian Church, Madisonville to Divine Savior Presbyterian Church in Xoy, but it is not difficult to describe how I feel – exhilarated in spirit and grateful to our Lord!  God’s Holy Spirit was so apparent, leading us in travel, guiding us in the water purification installation, teaching us as we taught the teachers, and pursuing us as we shared blessed fellowship with the brothers and sisters of the church and community of Xoy, Mexico.

On our last day, I shared with Elder Samuel (their pastor) that our two cultures had come together in God’s magnificent sight; and as we returned to our own ‘normalcy’ of Madisonville, Kentucky I would benefit so much more from taking a bit of them with me.  God opens eyes, minds, and hearts to the ways of His purposes for us.

Thanks to all in the church.  You resourced us so generously.  You prayed for us unceasingly.  We felt your participation in God’s work.



May-June Mission Update

Xoy Building (1)On Wednesday, May 13th, our church family participated in the final fundraiser and activity for the Xoy Living Water Mission Trip.  After Fellowship Dinner, members of the congregation and youth groups participated in an agape party preparing materials for the education component of the mission trip.  Rainmakers, water wands, water droplets, costume pieces, name tags, water usage strips, and voting paddles were all constructed for the teacher materials and the children’s learning activities.  All items on the water droplet board have been supplied by our congregation including monetary donations for the cd player and keyboard!
The Mission Team comprised of Rick and Susanna Lee, Lon and Pat Lorton, Pete and Peggy Phelan, Dale Davis, Tem Major, Merry Brooks and Michael Milam is ready.  Parts for the water system have been ordered, educational materials have been organized into teaching units, vaccinations have been received and translators procured.  The congregation at Xoy is ready for our arrival.  They have, using funds from First Presbyterian Church, constructed the basic block building to house the water filtration system and drilled the well.  A group of women have committed to learning the educational concepts and teaching the families in the Xoy community water usage principles and hygiene practices.  The travel team plans to take a plethora of pictures so the home team has a photo record of all mission trip activities.
The Traveling Mission Team leaves for Xoy, Mexico from Nashville early on the morning on June 6th and plans to return June 14th.  Please pray for traveling safety, construction and teaching grace, and the health and safety of the members of this group.  Each member of the congregation who donated money, purchased materials or a rain barrel, participated in the Xoy Fellowship Dinners, helped with the agape party and prayed for the installation of the water filtration system is a part of the First Presbyterian Mission Team.  Truly this has been a congregational effort to share clean water on behalf of Jesus, the Living Water, with our brothers and sisters in Christ in the community of Xoy, Mexico.
Not to us, Lord, not to us, but to your name be the glory- because of your love and faithfulness.
Psalm 115:1

Peggy Phelan