Xoy Building (2)Xoy OperatorsDios es Bueno!  After correcting a slight glitch in the regeneration cycle of the water softeners at Xoy and Peto, both plants are producing purified water.  These pictures are the latest we have of the building in Xoy and 3 of their 6 operators.  They are proud of their plant and we are blessed to be their partners.  They have already established a relationship with the operators of the Mani plant, less than 40 km away, and these folks will be a valuable resource for the new Xoy plant.  Our follow-up “Shareholders Meeting” here last month was well attended, but if you didn’t get to see the slide show, let us know and we’ll get you a copy.  We have recently sent funds to Xoy to help them drill a new well, since their first well has been plagued with problems.  We have also sent some “seed” money to help them purchase a delivery vehicle for their plant.  Please continue to pray for our partners in both Xoy and Peto, and we’ll keep you informed as to how they’re doing.