helping the helpers


The mother of Fred Rogers once told him, "When scary things happen, look for the helpers."  An EF-4 tornado is a scary thing so we've been looking for the helpers.  Thus far, there have been lots of helpers in Hopkins and Muhlenberg counties.  At FPC, we've had the blessing of being able to open our retreat center as a hotel for crews of helpers traveling from North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Maryland.  We've provided luxurious beds, showers, three squares a day, friendly games of "horse" in the gym, and lots of prayer and community building.  In turn, these folks have blessed us with their willingness to travel hundreds of miles to help our neighbors and also with their friendship.

Although the cleanup phase of this disaster is well underway, the larger rebuilding phase still looms in the future.  We fully expect to be in the "hotel" business for the next several weeks.  Presbyterian Disaster Assistance now has over 80 groups of volunteers wanting to help with rebuilding in the states affected by the recent tornadoes.  Our building is centrally located for volunteers working in Bremen, Barnsley, and Dawson Springs, KY.  We have a great facility for offering room and board to travelers and many great volunteers from our congregation to offer Western Kentucky hospitality.