MadCity Presby Hotel

Since FPC is listed with the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Call Center as a potential housing site, we have had several inquiries from volunteers wishing to travel to our area to assist with tornado recovery.  It seems that everyone wants to know what our luxurious hotel and spa facilities look like.  So, in an attempt at full disclosure and transparency, here are a few pictures.

Dorm Room 1 Dorm Room 2
Dorm Room 3 Dorm Room 4
Guys' Shower Room Gals' Restroom
Gym Looking East Gym Looking West
Kitchen Stove and Ovens
Convection & Warming Ovens Triple Sink & Dish Machine  
Refrigerator Ice Machine
Washer and Dryer Elevator

Tornado Recovery Guests

Ever since the devastating multi-state tornado that tore through western Kentucky on December 10, 2021, FPC has been a host site for volunteers traveling to our area to aid in recovery efforts.  Our site is listed with the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Call Center and we have also received referrals from other denominations as well.  Here are pictures of just a few of the groups who have stayed with us.

Lake Geneva Wisconsin Group Hiddenite North Carolina Group
First Presbyterian Church, Clarkesville, GA Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Springfield, IL Old Union Presbyterian Church, Mars, PA
Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church, Louisville, KY Praying Pelican Missions
Susquehanna Interdenominational Network Doylestown United Methodist Church, Doylestown, OH
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Livonia, MI Brooklyn Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, MI

Cheeseheads Invade MadCity



During the last two weeks of December the FPC Hotel became home base for two different crews from the Lake Geneva area of Wisconsin.  The first crew left their skid loaders here for use by the second crew.  Both crews spent their entire time here working in the Barnsley area and said they barely made a dent in cleaning up the destruction.  Even though they were Packer fans, we had a great time visiting with them and they left us a plaque declaring that we are the best hosts they have ever experienced in Madisonville, KY.





Wis Plaque

FPC Retreat Center Reopens

helping the helpers


The mother of Fred Rogers once told him, "When scary things happen, look for the helpers."  An EF-4 tornado is a scary thing so we've been looking for the helpers.  Thus far, there have been lots of helpers in Hopkins and Muhlenberg counties.  At FPC, we've had the blessing of being able to open our retreat center as a hotel for crews of helpers traveling from North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Maryland.  We've provided luxurious beds, showers, three squares a day, friendly games of "horse" in the gym, and lots of prayer and community building.  In turn, these folks have blessed us with their willingness to travel hundreds of miles to help our neighbors and also with their friendship.

Although the cleanup phase of this disaster is well underway, the larger rebuilding phase still looms in the future.  We fully expect to be in the "hotel" business for the next several weeks.  Presbyterian Disaster Assistance now has over 80 groups of volunteers wanting to help with rebuilding in the states affected by the recent tornadoes.  Our building is centrally located for volunteers working in Bremen, Barnsley, and Dawson Springs, KY.  We have a great facility for offering room and board to travelers and many great volunteers from our congregation to offer Western Kentucky hospitality.