handsImage4bAs I write this, we are at the half-way mark of our three-month commitment of opening our gym as an overnight warming shelter when the “feel like” temperature is 32 or less.  More nights than not we have had at least one person take advantage of the shelter.  There have been a handful of folks spend the night, typically with one or two on any given evening.  Our biggest challenge has continued to be having enough volunteers committed to spending the nights we are open.  There are nights our doors would have remained locked if it were not for a handful of people dedicated to this ministry who have spent several nights at the shelter.  The appeal is still there: We would welcome anyone who might like to sign up and spend a night.  You can do that on line at our website: Under the ‘Outreach” banner at the top of the home page there is a drop for ‘God’s Warm Place.’ Once there, you can click on the Sign-up Genius and select any night(s) you are able to help out.  As of today, there are 44 more potential days for God’s Warm Place to be open. Most likely (hopefully) all the remaining days to the end of February will not be at 32 degrees or less.  Out of those 44 nights, though, there still is room for 30 nights to sign up.

Some say that it isn’t worth it to go through all this for a small handful of people in our community.  I’m guessing those people would have a change of mind (and heart?) if it was their relative or friend walking through our doors on a cold night.