RobRecently we've experienced a more intense view of what separates people.  In this article I would like to focus on what we all have in common.  We are all descendants, children, of Adam and Eve, and though our appearances may be unique to each of us, we are more related than we might think.  A study done by Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, who holds a PhD in cell and developmental biology from Harvard University, who serves as a research biologist, author, and speaker with Answers in Genesis, and who formerly conducted research with the Institute for Creation Research, has revealed some astonishing things based on our genetic codes.  Check it out here, on the Answers in Genesis YouTube site under the video list titled “The New History to the Human Race."  It’s fascinating that science and research are pointing to the fact that we are all related, and the evidence points back to a much younger point in history than we’ve been taught.

The truth of what we read in scripture points to a place in time when the world was covered in a flood, and Noah’s family members were the only ones who survived.  So we are now descendants of Noah’s sons Ham, Seth, and Japheth and their wives.  Dr. Jeanson says they carried on the code they received from Eve.  It’s mind blowing and can be way confusing if you’re not on the same level as Dr. Jeanson, but if you can stick with it and listen with an open mind and heart, then you’ll feel so blessed to know that we’re much more connected and related than different.

We have allowed ourselves to be put into groups based on things that God doesn’t mention or give us as means to be separated.  Humanity without God seems to fracture and divide into toxic and bitter rivalries much more so than when we are connected to God’s purpose for us to love Him with all our hearts, minds, soul and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Jesus gave us a clear reflection of this.  He gave no one priority or elimination, as He died on the cross for all humanity to be free from slavery to sin.  Sin is the root of all of our prejudice and injustice, but that is not what you hear or see as the reason in the national spotlight.  However, it is an affliction that we all must live with in this world.  We as Christians are different because of Jesus' sacrifice and His stepping out of grace.  We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to accomplish reconciliation and peacemaking that is supernatural and begins with you and me.  In my opinion we need more prayer and fasting.  Evil doesn’t defeat evil, darkness cannot extinguish darkness, and our world will not change as long as we continue to look at one another as foreigners from our group instead of brothers and sisters.  We’re made in the image of God to be image bearers of His character which is loving, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and shows self-control.  So, my prayer is that the healing for humanity will come from the One who created us, sustains us, redeems us, and invites us into the reconciliation of the world to Himself.  This present suffering should draw us all closer to Him and make us more dependent on Jesus.  Don’t you agree?  God is good all the time!  And all the time God is good!

Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’  This is the first and greatest commandment.  A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’  The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.”  Matthew 22:37-40

In Christ’s Love,

Rob   Romans 12