Yesterday a good friend asked me how I was doing.  She was more than sincere.  She truly wanted to know what was going on in my little head.  I told her I was struggling with being a member of PCUSA. She understood. 

When I became a member of the Presbyterian Church in another town we were PCUS, you know, the southern branch.  Then we came under the unification umbrella headquartered in Louisville.  I still identified myself as a Bible believing follower of Jesus Christ.  I still am.  However, it seems to me the PCUSA has left me behind as it has become an institution that ordains practicing homosexuals, marries same sex couples, is anti-Israel / pro-Palestinian, pro choice, and a litany of other all inclusive enlightened ideas.  My struggle includes the fact that I believe the Bible is the infallible inerrant word of God.  God means what He says.  I find myself leaning toward PCA or the more moderate EPC, or EOC.

I love my local church, First Presbyterian, Madisonville.  I have issues with the Western Kentucky Presbytery and the General Assembly.  I say these things to preface this request: please pray with and for me.

Loving you in the Name of Christ Jesus,