First, I would like to thank you for the Gift Card to Brothers BBQ for Pastor Appreciation Day.  You have been most generous in my ministry.  Thank you!

The Great Banquet has been successful again this fall with many being touched by God and his servants.  Praise the Lord!  One of those weekends was the Ladies GB Weekend at the Hopkins County Jail.  It was well received and ran smoothly, despite a few hiccups and stumbling blocks.  The residents didn’t have a clue that somethings had to be rearranged as adjustments were made flawlessly.

Kukla, Fran and Ollie was an early American television show using puppets.  It was created for children, but was soon watched by more adults than children.  It did not have a script and was entirely ad-libbed.  It was broadcast from 1947 to 1957.  If you don’t know about Allah you should come to church more often.

On November 5th only 39% of the eligible voters in Hopkins County actually voted.  That means 6 out of 10 didn’t bother.  I do not know why these people didn’t exercise their right, however, I believe they didn’t care.  I find it sad that about the same proportion of our congregation doesn’t attend worship on Sundays.  Could it be that these 6 in 10 don’t care?  Scripture tells us that we should come together as the Body of Christ and worship.  Do we not care about pleasing God?

Our church has a history of not coming together when Hopkins County Schools are not in session.  Are we tied to the apron strings of 320 South Seminary?  Does God require Fall Break, snow days, and In-Service days?

What kind of God do we worship?  I not only ask us this question, I often ask the jail residents the same.  My Muslim children are totally confused, as are nonbelievers, and some who profess to be Christian.  Do we worship our time more than we worship God?  Do we worship “My Pillow” as my god?  Are we going to worship Santa Claus more than we do Jesus this Christmas?  Do we really believe the CEO’s are truly worshiping our Lord by showing up on Christmas and Easter Only?

Christmas is coming.  Have fun and be of good cheer.  BUT, please don’t forget the birth of Jesus was all about dying to self and living in Him.

Ad-libbing on the inside with love,