August is here.  Time for youth group, choir, and Bible study to resume.  Hopefully you had a great relaxing summer with trips to the mountains, the coast, and points outside of Hopkins County.  It is again time to live out Christ’s presence in our neighborhood.  It’s time to assess our gifts and match them with the needs of our community.  I know that Christ is calling us to use our strengths in particular ways for particular reasons.  He is calling us to reach out in ways we could never imagine.  What do you believe you can do to help in stewardship, mission, fellowship and worship?  We have many opportunities for you to participate if you are willing to ask God to give you guidance and direction.  How about dreaming, planning, and implementing outreach and evangelism?  How about engaging every member to carry out the mission of FPC.  You remember: "To know Jesus as Lord and Savior and make Him known."  Do you ask the Holy Spirit to check your spiritual pulse and get you interested and involved in the needs, desires, and challenges of our congregation?

Do you feel the need to fellowship after church?  How about sponsoring the Hebrews Café after church as well as before?  Wouldn’t it be great to get to know your fellow parishioners?  Can you think of ways to get the teens and their parents interested in attending Sunday Service?  You do know that it isn’t the pastors’ responsibility alone, don’t you?  Have you asked God to give you that step in faith to be willing to lead a Bible study or cell group?  Have you thought about what simple change you could make to create a great impact on our community through our church?  When you are feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting those imprisoned (either in their homes or elsewhere), and praying for the world to come to Jesus, are you letting people know you attend First Pres?  Do you invite them to worship with you?  Remember to pray for guidance, strength and faith.

You are uniquely made and have amazing gifts through the power of the Holy Spirit.  It takes a willingness to step out into the unknown, a commitment to change, and an acceptance to be a part of the things our church needs to do for the LORD.  Receive gratefully and give generously.

Still on the Inside,

Pastor Pete.