This past Wednesday I had the honor and privilege to officiate my Uncle Don’s funeral.  It was easy because Don knew Jesus and was prepared for leaving this world and entering Heaven.  Don accepted God’s Gift of Grace early on and spent about eighty years fellowshiping with God in prayer, Bible study, and worship.

Some people openly declare that they don’t want to go to Heaven.  Some people tell me that they would rather be with their friends in hell than with the church crowd in heaven.

Most people, however, say they hope to go to Heaven when they die, but I’ve often wondered what makes them think they would be happy there.  They ignore Jesus and want nothing to do with God.  They show no interest in Bible reading, prayer, and worship.  Why would they suddenly enjoy fellowship with God on the other side?

We say we want God in our lives, but how passionately do we seek fellowship with Him?  How much time do we spend reading His Word, praying, and worshiping?  Does our soul thirst for Him and our thoughts long for Him?

As we take our First Presbyterian Madisonville summer break from fellowship, Bible Study and worship let’s ask the question, “Are we sure we want to spend eternity with Him?”

“O God, You are my God; early I will seek you, my soul thirsts for You” – Psalm 63:1.

On the Inside,

Pastor Pete