persecuted churchThe 2021 World Watch List is an annual report on the global persecution of Christians ranking the top 50 countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith.  Over the last year, Open Doors has seen record increases in modern-day persecution - from oppressive surveillance and arrests in China and Iran to brutal violence in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.  Throughout the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the ugliness of persecution in a new way, as thousands of families have been refused government relief due to their faith.

I encourage you to watch the video in the link below and charge your heart to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who endure persecution for their faith.  They need our prayer undergirding for God’s strength to endure.

Extreme Persecution Countries:  1. North Korea, 2. Afghanistan, 3. Somalia, 4. Libya, 5. Pakistan, 6. Eritrea, 7. Yemen, 8. Iran, 9. Nigeria, 10. India, 11. Iraq, 12. Syria.  For the complete list of persecuted countries and the criteria for ranking the countries see

Where there is persecution, you can be sure that God is moving in the hearts of people, strengthening them to share His love and stand resilient (Isaiah 43:19).

Peggy Phelan