be kindLast fall Larry and I dismantled a log house on the property of a church in Beech Creek, KY.  In the front yard of the church was a small sign that said only “Be Kind”.  Over the period of eight weeks I read that sign every day and thought, “what’s that all about?”  It stuck with me and I began to see the same sign in yards around the town.

What is kindness - a smile to someone you know and love, maybe a smile to a stranger, a kind word, or letting someone ahead of you in the checkout line?  Maybe it’s opening a door or a steady hand offered to an older person.  That’s just a surface interpretation, but it can mean so much more.

I recently heard a sermon by Rev. Mike Hudson of Christ Venice in Florida.  The sermon was about Jesus’ reaction to unkindness.  He did not return ridicule with ridicule, or meanness with meanness, or insults with insults, but he responded with love.  Jesus did not return what the world and man threw at Him, but gave love (kindness) instead.  He said, “Love God and love one another."

That little sign means so much more.  Every day I try to BE KIND with that deeper meaning in mind.  Every day I fail, but I can try again each new day with the love of Jesus behind me and within me.  BE KIND and LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Many Blessings to you all,

Suzanne Wilson