praying womanDear Friends in Christ,

Leonard Ravenhill wrote, “No man is greater than his prayer life.  The ministry of prayer - the highest ministry of all human offices - is open to all.”
I often hear followers of Jesus say, “All I can do is pray.”  I’ve wondered what that brief statement might sound like to our Savior who has extended to us, His people, the unbelievable privilege and amazing opportunity to talk with the Creator of not only each of us, but every component of the universe.  All I can do is pray!  Prayer should be our first line of response and defense.  Jesus emphasized the importance and power of prayer by His words and example.  Scripture tells us that Jesus often withdrew to a quiet place to speak with His Father.  Jesus gave us The Lord’s Prayer as a model for prayer (Matthew 6:9-15) and commanded us “to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33).  Jesus also stated that His House should be a House of Prayer (Matthew 21:13).  Jesus shared two parables that encouraged His followers to persevere in prayer and to not lose heart (Luke 18:1-14).  If our Savior emphasized prayer as vital, should prayer not be the focal point of our life as Christ’s followers?

So in this season, when our life rhythms seem so different, perhaps we as Christians can spend time responding to this greatest of invitations.  So much in our lives, community, country government and the world needs the Body of Christ on bended knee.

I challenge all of us, as God’s people, to increase the moments of our sacred communion with the Holy One.  Are my lips, heart, and mind spending as much time in prayer as they are other activities?  Abide in the presence of the Holy One.  Rise up Body of Christ and embrace your inheritance as Prayer Warriors.

As a recipient of your constant and loving prayers, I attest to their power and bless you for you intercession.

In Christ Alone,

Peggy Phelan