Jane MosleyI believe that the last thing Lon told Dawn was if she needed to ask someone to step in and do a job she should call Jane.  Jane answers “yes” before she realizes what is involved in the request.  This is how I felt when she asked me to supply an article for the Newsletter.  I don’t know how many people had already told her “no” until she recalled Lon’s advice.

I struggled at first, but then I thought, Jane, you don’t have to write the article.  You just have to find one to print.  I have two books full of “good stuff” which I have collected over the years.  Let the search begin.  I read until I found this one.


At a County Fair, the townspeople held a horse pulling contest.  The first-place horse ended up moving a sled weighing 4,500 pounds.  The second-place finisher pulled 4,000 pounds.  The owners of the horses decided to see what these horses could pull together.  They hitched them up and found that the team could move 12,000 pounds.  By working separately, the two horses were good for only 8,500 pounds.  When coupled together, their synergism produced an added 3,500 pounds.  It’s a hard lesson for us, but unity consistently produces greater results than individual endeavors.  Teamwork divides the effort and multiplies the effect.  (Reprinted from Daily Devotional)

FPC needs the effort of all members working together as we navigate this new beginning.  Let's pull together, multiply our presence in the community, and show Jesus to everyone.

As members of First Presbyterian Church, we must learn to PULL TOGETHER!!!

Jane Mosley