Love God, Love People

love god love peopleDo you know what humans are really good at?  Arguing.  We want to tell/convince others they aren't right to confirm our own rightness.  I'm grateful that scripture is loaded with nincompoops like us who try to get it right and yet get it wrong too.  Unfortunately, Jesus isn't standing here for us to ask all the followup clarifying questions to the parables and biblical happenings.  Since we believe in a sovereign God - a God that is bigger than our understanding and comprehension - and it is beyond our capability to know what God thinks or what God will or will not do, we have to leave room in our convictions for God to show us differently.  We can be truthful without being harmful to God's people and to our relationships.  Jesus often asks questions as a way to teach us and to be in a relationship with us.  What if we did that?

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Ash Wednesday 2023


Ordination and Installation

ordination and installationSunday, January 22nd was an important day in the life of those ordained, those installed, FPC, the church universal, and the world.  Before the worship service, I had the privilege of hearing faith statements from our elders who are currently serving.  It was a sacred space to hear the beliefs and testimonies of the individuals who are leading this congregation.

Being a ruling elder in the PC(USA) church isn’t about “ruling over” others (Matt. 20:25); it’s about being called by God and chosen by the congregation to exhibit wisdom, maturity of faith,  skills in leadership, and a compassionate spirit.  Ruling elders, together with ministers of word and sacrament, exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment, and discipline.  They have responsibilities for the life of a congregation as well as for the whole church, including ecumenical relationships.  These servant leaders, with the Spirit, discern and work to strengthen and nurture the faith of the congregation, reconciliation, and vision.

Pray for the leaders of FPC.  Pray for our congregation.  Pray for all.

Pastor Jen

Advent - Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love Are Coming


Church family, it's that time of year where we bustle around and are supposed to be happy and energetic.  Today, hear this: you aren't supposed to be anything but you.  It's okay to not be okay.  It's okay to be joyful one day and have a hard day the next.  Trust God and lean on each other.  Hope, peace, joy, and love are coming...again and again.

Pastor Jen





Jen's Installation Service


Buckle In!

fall in KY 2Who’s ready for some fun?  Buckle in because it’s November which means the season of gratitude, grief (for some), and gifts is quickly approaching.  The orange, yellow, and brown colored leaves are swaying from the treetops and floating to the ground until limbs are bare.  The days grow shorter, but the list of demands grows longer.  As we travel these days together through our “firsts” of this season, may we remember that God is calling us to the path and will travel with us.  The presence through the Spirit of the living God will remain steadfast.  As we travel together during this holy season, let us remember grace, humility, hospitality, openness, and compassion.  Wondering about the itinerary?  You’ll find it here on the website and in the newsletter.  You can expect more details and information coming out soon!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jen


Welcome to FPC!