fall in KY 2Who’s ready for some fun?  Buckle in because it’s November which means the season of gratitude, grief (for some), and gifts is quickly approaching.  The orange, yellow, and brown colored leaves are swaying from the treetops and floating to the ground until limbs are bare.  The days grow shorter, but the list of demands grows longer.  As we travel these days together through our “firsts” of this season, may we remember that God is calling us to the path and will travel with us.  The presence through the Spirit of the living God will remain steadfast.  As we travel together during this holy season, let us remember grace, humility, hospitality, openness, and compassion.  Wondering about the itinerary?  You’ll find it here on the website and in the newsletter.  You can expect more details and information coming out soon!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jen