I knew I was in trouble when God was relentless.  What am I talking about you ask?  Well, let me tell you a story.  I have been praying over scriptures and asking God to speak to me as many pastors do when it comes to worship.  I prayed and prayed upon arrival to Madisonville.  I met with the worship team and laid out what I thought God was directing me to for the first several Sundays.  The passages all fell together into a larger context around faith.  Week one was around how people of faith act by understanding the promises of God.  Week two was about how faith helps us discern the will of God by using our Father’s teachings to give us better eyes of faith.

As the Spirit selected passages through my studies weeks ago, I didn’t think much about the text selection.  As time got closer and closer, as I studied more, prayed more, and wrestled with God’s Word, I got more and more anxious.  It became clear what God wanted us all to hear and therefore I wanted to run for the hills.  I begged, ran from God, and finally went to the lectionary (a collection of passages that are on a three-year rotation that flow with the church calendar) in search of new passages that might not be as terrifying.  Well, would you believe that the lectionary had the same passages?!

I buckled in, held on, prayed like crazy, and tried to be faithful.  It was unnerving, challenging, and stretched my faith but I think part of the reason that it is so difficult is because it is a hard passage and message for me to hear too.  The Good News?  Christ’s redemptive love and grace go with us as we try to be more faithful - even when we mess up.

Thanks be to God.

Pastor Jen