pastor notes decIt’s been a few weeks since Pastor Appreciation Sunday, but I wanted to be sure to thank everyone for the very thoughtful cards that I received.  I was genuinely surprised by this gift and it was very much appreciated!

With November 30th being my last day as your Transitional Pastor, that will make our time together at 54 weeks.  Time has certainly flown by!  I have truly enjoyed my time with you and this church has been a wonderful professional experience for me!  I will hold dear all of the many friendships that I have made this past year.

The Congregational Potluck on November 28th was a perfect send-off for me!  Thanks so much to the Fellowship Committee for organizing the potluck and for all who stayed for lunch.  I’ve told many people over this past year about all of the amazing cooks at FPC!

Your Pastor Nominating Committee has made a great deal of progress over these past few months.  I’m excited for the future of this congregation and for the new pastor who is coming soon.  In the meantime, you will be treated to a number of great services during the month of December.

Although you won’t see me on Sunday mornings, I will remain the Moderator of the Session until further notice.  So if you’re in the church building during the week, don’t be too surprised to see me walking the hallway.

Speaking of the Session, a big thank you goes to Billie Ann and Teresa who have completed their terms on the Session.  We welcome Brooks and Brianna to the Session in 2022 and appreciate both Mike and Larry serving an additional 3-year term.

I wanted to give a personal “thank you” to those who helped me week in-week out with the worship service each Sunday.  Thanks to Rick and Patsy for preparing all of my liturgy and scripture passages each week.  Thanks to Mike, Ann and Brianna for selecting and leading our songs each Sunday.  And thanks to Dawn who made sure that each day on the job included a healthy dose of laughter!