smiling sunGod is good, friends!

As we embark upon the month of June, I am filled with gratitude for the blessings of community and fellowship that we share here at First Presbyterian Church.  June is a month that brings with it a sense of renewal, growth, and the warmth of summer sunshine.  It is a time for us to come together in worship, reflection, and service as we continue to journey together in faith.  It is also a time of rest from Sunday morning formation hour.  Formation looks different in the summer.

One of the joys of June is the abundance of nature that surrounds us.  As we witness the beauty of blooming flowers, flourishing trees, and vibrant greenery, let us be reminded of God’s wondrous creation and the responsibility we have been given to steward it with care and concern.  Let us take moments to appreciate the simple yet profound gifts of nature and find solace in the midst of life’s busyness.  Let us be formed and reformed as we experience God in our world in the here and now.

June also marks the transition from spring to summer, a time of change and transition in both nature and our lives.  For many of us, it may bring new opportunities, challenges, or chapters in our journey.  Let us embrace these transitions with faith and courage, trusting in God’s guiding hand to lead us forward.  May we find strength in our community, knowing that we walk together as siblings in Christ, supporting and uplifting one another along the way.

And, as we gather for worship and fellowship throughout the month of June, let us be intentional in our gratitude for the blessings that surround us.  Let us offer prayers of thanksgiving for all that God provides as we seek ways to share our blessings with those in need.  May our hearts be open to the nudging of the Holy Spirit, guiding us to acts of compassion, kindness, and generosity.  Let us come together with joyful hearts, eager to deepen our relationships with God and one another.

May we be filled with the peace that surpasses all understanding and the hope that springs forth in the days to come.  May God’s mercy, grace, and blessings be upon each and every one of us, now and always.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jen