2024The church this year is going to continue to change.  Gone are the days when people went to church out of obligation or to meet a spouse.  The role of the church is to provide opportunities to worship, study, play, pray, and serve together.  How that happens may shift and shake, but we can trust that God’s love is never changing.  God wants us to find meaning in His church and use it as a tool to spread the Good News.

One way we can continue to be God’s church is by working to communicate well with one another.  It’s a big task but if we all seek to be effective communicators we'll eventually get there.  If we fall short, just keep asking questions for clarification. Help folks see that perhaps we can work together to close communication gaps.

A new endeavor for us this year is setting up texting groups to help communicate a bit easier.  You’ll have the opportunity to opt in to various text groups (prayer list, session, reminders, etc).

Pastor Jen