Question: “Where do you see yourself in 2020?”  Answer: “How do I know? I don’t have 2020 vision.”

One thing I see in the new year are a lot of jokes and puns about good vision.  Another thing I’m pretty sure of is that most all of us will have some wonderful days and some days when we’ll wish we never got out of bed.

2019 certainly had its share of trials and troubles for many of us.  I’m having to remind myself that, although there have been some terribly difficult days, the good news is that God “never leaves not forsakes us.”  That’s in the Bible.  In 2019, I’ve learned from and leaned on those scriptures more than I ever have in my life.

Jesus told us that Satan’s goal is to keep us looking to our past, especially the rough places of our past, wanting us to lean on our guilt, fear, and insecurity to keep us from growing and living a full, joyful life.  That’s a warning from Jesus.  His promise, though, is that he has come to give us life more abundant than we can imagine, despite all the negative stuff going on around us.

Speaking of vision, God wants us to know that we can tap into the power of His vision for our lives by meditating on His promises.  We know our cell phones will not be far from reach in the coming year.  How about asking Siri or Alexa, “Show me Bible verses about God’s promises,” and then just watch the list start rolling.  Even better, print it out and start reading those verses!  God is amazing and full of truth, unlike Satan who is the author of lies.

You might want to start with Isaiah 43.  It begins with a reminder that God is a Rescuer of His people, and then a reminder that the Lord alone is God.  He wants us to know that He will prepare our way.  Then in verse 18 there is this surprise from God, “Forget what happened long ago!  Don’t think about the past.  I am creating something new.  There it is!  Do you see it?  I have put roads in the desserts, streams in the thirsty lands.”

Maybe we truly should go for 20/20 vision in the new year (no pun intended).  I’m thinking if you’re like me, new futures too often are tethered and held down by our pasts.  God says He’s working on something new.  He actually has already worked out something new.  It’s just hard to step out into something new if we choose to remain bound to our past.

Spend time this year in prayer, in worship, and in the Word.  God will reveal to us all far more than we could ever imagine on our own.

New Year Blessings,