We love to hear the stories in the news about ordinary people stepping up to save the lives of others.  Out of an hour of negative stuff going on in the world, it’s usually in the last 60 seconds before signing off that a story might be told about a person in peril being saved by some bystander who “just had to step up and do something to help.”  And a life is saved.  It makes me wonder about other similar opportunities where it may have been me who didn’t even take time to notice a person in some kind of peril – human indifference or possibly just being too busy to stop and help.  Sadly, that happens more than we know.  And the ones who are dying may be people we see every day.  We have our Bibles, and some of us even read them daily.  We know how our Bibles describe people who are without Christ:

  • “lost” according to Luke 19:10.
  • “without hope and without God in this world” according to Ephesians 2:12.

Most all of us read our Bibles, and we are aware that our neighbors and friends who don’t know Christ will be “shut out from the presence of the Lord”  (2 Thessalonians 1:8-9).  We believe there is no way anybody can get into heaven or live an abundant life on earth with their sins unforgiven.  And the only One who can forgive their sin is the One who died for those sins.

So, we have dying people all around us.  People whose livelihood and eternal destiny may hinge on whether or not we stop for a moment to tell them what Jesus did for them on the cross.  We do need to live good Christian examples for others to notice.  But, we could live good lives for years and years without some folks ever knowing Jesus died for them.  We need to tell them.

Remember the story of the good Samaritan in Luke 10?  The troubling part of that story is that the really religious people just kept walking by the man in need because, well, they didn’t want to take the time and expend the energy necessary to be of help - really religious people like me, maybe like you.

Haven’t we all met people who have come to Christ later in life, and they just regret so much that they did not know Him sooner?  I’ve heard people say something like, “I was 30 (or 40 or 50 or 60) years old before I ever knew what Jesus did for me.”  And it turns out that they had known several “good Christians” along the way who never told them about Jesus.

Look around your personal world - co-workers, family members, neighbors, friends.  I’m guessing that if we take the time to let Jesus show us what He sees, we are going to see people who are slowly dying spiritually, who are headed toward an eternity without Jesus.  Seems like to me silence is wrong.  How about you?

Do not talk to them about religion.  Please don’t even bring up church or their lifestyle, not until you tell them about the One who loved them enough to die in their place.  God may have placed you in their lives to be their next chance at Jesus.  As much as Jesus is encouraging them to come to Him, I believe Jesus is encouraging us to go to them.  Somebody has to do the introductions.  It might as well be us, don’t you think?