Rev. Lon Lorton

August 30, 2020

Philippians 1:3-11

All of life is transitioning.

Transitions can be good and growing moments.

  • A time when we learn to move on
  • A time of remembrance

Upon every remembrance of you,

  • A time of some sadness
  • A time of incredible gratitude to God
  • "We live forward, but we understand backward."
  • "Memory must be selective if it is to be redemptive."

Jesus reminded us of our need to remember.

  • Remember Jesus in the many ways He comes to us.

My prayers for you are always joyful.

  • You have enthusiastically shared in and supported this ministry.

Hope toward a great future

  • Optimistically rely on God.
  • Optimistically allow Christ to live in you.
  • Joyfully allow Christ to live through you.
  • The same God who started a good work will bring it to completion.

My prayer for you all is that your love for one another and for God may grow even richer in knowledge and truth of every kind, allowing you all to learn from God's Word and by experience the things that really matter, and to let go of the other stuff, so that you have open arms to hug each other, all the others, and Jesus.