Rev. Lon Lorton

February 9, 2020

Philippians 4:2-9

Paul brings together doctrinal truth and practical Christianity.

We are to AGREE in the Lord.  Philippians 4:2-3

  • Focus on Jesus, not human opinions and preference.

We are to REJOICE in the Lord.  Philippians 4:4

  • Joy in Jesus is eternal.  Joy in situations is circumstantial.

We are to YIELD in the Lord.  Philippians 4:5

  • We cannot govern others.  We can choose His peace for ourselves.

We are to TRUST in the Lord.  Philippians 4:5-6

  • Be assured the road is not always smooth.  Trust in God's traveling mercies.

We are to PRAY to the Lord.  Philippians 4:6-7

  • He knows.  He's listening.  Say something.

We are to THINK in the Lord.  Philippians 4:8

  • God's values are in His Word.  Think on them.

We are to ACT in the Lord.  Philippians 4:9

  • Don't just think on these things, do them.

"It is no secret what God can do.  What He's done for others, He'll do for you.  With arms wide open He'll pardon you.  It is no secret what God can do."  Stuart Hamblen, 1950