Rev. Lon Lorton

December 1, 2019

Matthew 2:1-12

The Magi were the only humans involved throughout the Advent story from beginning to end.

They watched for a star

  • so they could follow it,
  • so they could worship.

Why were others not able to see?

  • Do you choose to walk in darkness or in light?

Our purpose is to see new,

  • to walk in His light,
  • to journey from our dark places.

Can you imagine the Magi's excitement?

  • Should they have anything on us in the area of excitement?

The Magi saw what others who were looking did not see.

  • They opened their hearts and followed.
  • Their end game was simply to worship.

Is there anything we can get this year that is new?

  • It depends on the kind of journey we are willing to take.