Rev. Lon Lorton

October 13, 2019

Psalm 23; John 10:27-28

Nearly everyone knows some portion of Psalm 23,

  • for the comfort, relief, and strength it offers.

Uncharted territory can be marked,

  • by its potential terrors, or
  • by its potential treasures.

Psalm 23 offers God's understanding by the use of two words:

  • "Though" I walk, and
  • "Through" the valley

As I was stumbling and beginning to fall, my life flashed before me.  I had lost it all.  With a load too much to bear, I cried out to God with despair.  I yelled to Him about the promises He gave, not realizing it was me who got lost along the way.  Angry and bitter, no more could I take, a broken man by his own mistakes.  Cursing Jesus with a foolish tongue, I refused to be still and listen, and let the answers come.  A prideful heart I didn't want to let go.  The Lord says we reap what we sow.  Pain and suffering I did go through, not knowing it was God's plan.  It was where I grew.  Though the journey was a struggle and rough, God never turned His back on me.  He never gives up.   Steve McClendon, Jr.