Church at Home

Here's a new Bible study created by the folks at BibleProject for those of us who are "sheltering at home."  It's called "Reflections."







Online Studies

discipleship_trainingSurprise!  Surprise!  NewFPC is trying something new - online studies.  They are not meant to replace Sunday School, Wednesday Night Bible Studies, or Reunion Groups.  Face-to-face discussion groups are always better, but sometimes schedules clash and you can only do two or three things at one time.  An online discussion group can allow you to do your studying and then read and post discussion comments when you have a spare minute.  These groups can also allow our friends outside of Madisonville FPC to participate.

Rob will be leading the first study - a study of Romans 12.  "r12" (click the link) is a discussion of our responses to Paul's five categories of relationships: with God, with the world, with ourselves, with others, and with nonbelievers.  There are therefore five modules and each module consists of videos and questions for discussion.

We have created a Google Group named "newfpc" for our discussions.  This is a closed group with membership by invitation in order to allow frank, heart-felt sharing.  Obviously, no request for membership will be refused.  You can request an invitation by sending us your name and e-mail address.  You will also need to sign up for a Google account if you don't already have one.  This will allow you to read and post online rather than only be e-mail.  Creating a Google account is relatively simple and iGoogle makes a pretty good homepage.  Be sure to complete your name and nickname under "My Account/edit your personal info".  You do not have to sign up for a gmail account.  All members will be allowed to post messages and responses.

It will probably take some getting used to, but we hope it will become another good tool for building discipleship.  Please join us!