Ezra and Nehemiah


When the people of Israel returned to Jerusalem after their exile in Babylon, they found the city laid waste, the temple destroyed, and their way of life obliterated.  Out of the ashes of this devastation, two leaders emerged to restore the foundations of their worship and their city.

Ezra, the first to return, set out to restore true worship in Jerusalem by reminding the people of God’s teaching, what it meant for them, and how it should shape their lives.  Nehemiah, the next to arrive, exchanged his royal cupbearer's robes for coveralls and got to work rebuilding the wall.  The project took twelve years and was an uphill battle all the way. The efforts of these men reveal just how much God can accomplish in our lives when we follow where he leads.

Join us at 1:30 pm on Tuesdays as Max Lucado leads us on a 12-week study of these two men of God on a mission of restoration.  All are welcome!