Congregational MeetingThe Session has called a special meeting for November 17th at 9:00 am.  The meeting will be in the gym, allowing for conversation and fellowship together.

There are two purposes for the meeting:

  • To review the budget for 2020, as adopted by the Session.  The congregation will also be asked to vote on changes in the terms of Pastor Lon’s call.  The 2020 Budget, as approved by the Session, will be available in the narthex November 3rd.
  • To elect one elder to the Session to fill a vacancy in a one-year term.  To elect four elders to the Session to serve three-year terms.  To elect one trustee to serve a three-year term.  The Session, through the congregation’s nominating committee, has given their approval for the following slate of officers:
    One-Year Term (Elder): Tom McLean
    Three-Year Terms (Elder): Susie Jackson, Gayle Tabor, Ed Moore, Jim Howard
    Three-Year Term (Trustee): Judy McLean