Lon Lorton, Senior Pastor

Lon Before"Pat and I both grew up in rural Midwestern Illinois, less than ten miles from each other, but we never met until a blind date over tacos with mutual friends.  God put something powerful in that taco seasoning - forty years later now and we're still together!  We have two daughters, who along with our terrific sons-in-law have gifted us with four wonderful grandchildren.  Pat and I enjoy camping, canoeing, and being with the family as much as possible.  But to be honest, we spend most of our time with our church family - worshiping, fellowshipping, and learning more about each other and God.  Life is good!  God's blessings are abundant!"

Lon and Pat have been at First Presbyterian Church in Madisonville since 2001.








Rob Wilson, Associate and Youth Pastor


Denise and I will celebrate 27 years together this year on our anniversary.  A lot of good memories are packed into those 25 plus years of our being together.  Our family has changed over the past few years since I started working here too.  Our son Brad and daughter in law Katie have two beautiful sweet girls now, Lexi Grace is soon to be 10 years old and Finlee Paige will be 3 in August 2020.  Being grandparents is hard to explain.  I just tell people you don’t know until you’ve experienced it.  And what a blessed amazing experience it is!  Denise and I are now Mimi and Papa to Lexi and Finlee and those sweet girls and their parents have so blessed our lives!  We love being with them and protect those times we have as best we can.  Family, by God’s design, is still so important to us.  Not just our immediate family but our church family too.  Children need mothers and fathers who will teach them how to follow Christ, love Him and love the people around them.  The health of families has a lot to do with the health of our community, and we’re seeing that day by day as we continue to work with the youth of our church and community.  Too many times families are searching elsewhere for answers when all they need is found in our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.  Our hope is that this church, the body of Christ, will lead, teach and encourage families to know Jesus and to make Him known in every area and aspect of life.