Grateful Threads



Grateful Threads will be collecting homemade (knitted or crocheted) scarves and hats for school age children.  They will be given to the preschool and kindergarten children at Grapevine Elementary School.  Please contact Susie Jackson if you wish to contribute.  Cold weather will be here soon, and unfortunately many children will not have these things.




Pray for the Gartrells



Gordon and Dorothy Gartrell are PC(USA) Missionaries in Brazil.  Gordon was previously a pastor in Central City and still has several ties to this area.  Please pray for their ministry in Brazil.  Click here to learn more about their mission.




Backpack Blessings

backpackJesus answered and said to them, "You give them something to eat,"  Mark 6:37.  This verse is from a devotional I read recently and it seemed to be a great message to kick off our "Backpack Blessings" ministry.  The devotional went on to say that Jesus uses those words with us too.   A need presents itself in the lives of those around us and He asks us to get involved.   He already knows how He will accomplish His work through us.   God wants us to be His instruments and He will supply what we need.

Once again we have an opportunity to be His instruments and make a difference in the lives of some of the children in our community.   If you feel led to pick up an extra item or two from the grocery, we will give them something to eat!  Once again, thank you for your generous donations in the past and for the wonderful response we had donating school supplies!  Mission and Outreach Committee

BREAKFAST ITEMS:  Instant oatmeal, individual cereal boxes, Pop Tarts Cereal bars, Granola Bar Trail mix packages, packaged muffins

LUNCH & DINNER ITEMS:  Mac & Cheese singles, chicken salad & tuna kits, ramen noodles, vienna sausage, individual cans of soup, Spaghetti O's, Beanee Weenie, Chef Boyardee pastas, beef stew, chili

SNACKS:  Fruit cups, popcorn, Jif to go cups, packaged Rice Crispy Treats, cookies/animal crackers, Jello Pudding cups, peanut butter and crackers, individual packages of dried fruit, Fruit Snack Roll-ups, Gummy Snacks, single bags of chips & pretzels

DRINKS:  Kool Aid, Capri Sun, single serve juices

Food Bank Needs

foodbankThe Hopkins County Christian Food Bank is struggling trying to supply food and hygiene items to needy families.  Our church has several individuals who donate on regular basis but we thought there might be others who would like to help.  Marilyn Coates volunteers at the Food Bank and she has agreed to let us know each month some items that would be useful.  This month she suggests cereal, bathroom tissue, soap, or shampoo.  These are just suggestions so if you would like to be a part of this worthwhile cause, feel free to take any donations to the Food Bank located at 114 N. Franklin Street.  Thank You.