Church of the Divine Savior

This is the congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Xoy, our new partners, singing "To God Be the Glory" for us in English.  What a blessing!  We have to admit, though, their English is much better than our Spanish!

September Mission Update

Rain Barrel PicsDios es bueno!  Thanks to God's goodness and your generosity, we have now reached $14,000 in our fundraising efforts.  We now have enough to allow our partners in Xoy to begin construction on their water treatment building once we have completed our Water Information Survey and building plans.  We had planned to make our initial trip to Xoy this month, but that hasn't worked out.  Both Tem Major and Dale Davis, two of our founding team members, have undergone surgery and are now recuperating.  Both are doing well, but Dale will likely require additional treatment.  We are now hoping to make the trip during the first or second week in November.  We have said all along that the mission will happen, but it will happen in God's time.  Our partners in Xoy have been very patient and have been praying for Dale and Tem.  We have remained active in our fundraising efforts and have adopted painted rain barrels as a signature project - "rain water for your plants and clean water for Xoy."  Thank you and God bless you for your support!

June Mission Update

Xoy Congregation and MascotHow exciting that God has called our congregation to partner with Him in the installation of a water purification system for the Body of Christ in Xoy, Mexico!  Xoy, a community of believers in the Yucatan Peninsula, learned of our partnership with them after our session approved a Living Waters for the World project with them.  The congregation in Xoy had requested a system last year and was prayerfully waiting and anticipating God's answer.  Members from our congregation have attended various training sessions to prepare for the mission trip which include administrative, educational and installation components.  The initial survey trip will hopefully take place in September.  This trip is important because the mission team meets the partner church members, assesses the resources in Xoy and prepares a formal covenant (agreement) concerning the responsibilities of both groups in the water project.  We are also preparing fun activities and opportunities for our congregation to sponsor parts of the actual water purification system, travel expenses and educational materials.  As you enjoy the benefits of clean, affordable water, please prayerfully consider joining and supporting this mission to bring clean water in the name of The Living Water.