Opichen Crew

Final preparations are being made by the 15 members of our "traveling" team.  Final preparations are also being made by our partners in Opichen, Yucatan, Mexico.  We will be traveling to the Yucatan on October 6th, working through the following week, and then returning home on October 14th. This is our third water purification plant installation.  We’ve installed new plants in Xoy and San Diego Buenavista, and have rehabilitated an older plant in Peto.  Please pray for good and timely travel, along with handling whatever surprises arise.  One thing that comes with experience is realizing there will be surprises.  Pray, too, for our friends there in Opichen.  When we will leave after a week; they will be the operators of a new system that will hopefully bring safe water and its health benefits to their community for a generation.