Every year at this time we get excited about our youth groups coming back together after summer break.  We always have some old faces and some new faces.  Our first night back is always a time of fun in the parking lot with a lot of water games and getting extremely wet.  Fun is not all we have but it’s a big part of our time together, and we always pray as they gather that they would receive faith, hope, and love. 

Of course we do have a few serious discussions and strive to learn God’s word and plan for our lives.  Every time we meet we focus on the truth of God and His love for us in His Son, our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, who has empowered us with a counselor and guide in the Holy Spirit.

Would you please pray that the youth who attend our group would experience the real presence of the Holy Spirit to guide them into a closer and deeper relationship with Jesus, and that they would reflect the image that God created them to reflect?  If you would like a name to pray for here’s a list: Haley Cope, Dee Allen, Hunter Harris, Jonathan Yates, Lex Howard, Blake Downey, Connor Tucker, Gracie Higgs, Skylar, Stella Hoagland and Alexis Moore.  Thanks for all your love and support of our youth! 

If you would like to help our group financially, and you shop at Kroger, then you can add them as your community reward recipient.  Here’s a link to the website: http://www.krogercommunityrewards.com/ .  Or you can go to our church website, newfpc.com, and click on the "Kids" tab and then click on "Kroger Community Rewards" for instructions. Or you can just donate to the Youth Fund here at the church if you would rather do that.  Thanks again for all the encouragement you give me, and your support for the kids God sends our way!