I hope you’ve had the opportunity to see some of the amazing sunrises we’ve had recently.  The great thing about those is that they get your day started off with the right attitude.  God is good.  God is creative.  God is making us a new day.  God is in control.  God is amazing and continues to amaze us!  I really love to watch sunrises, if you haven’t figured that out yet.  The thing about a sunrise is you must wait to see how it will turn out.  You must be patient and wait for the full picture; wait for the bright colors to reveal themselves.

Patience can be hard.  I remember asking our granddaughter Lexi once if she knew what being patient means.  She said, “It means you have to wait.”  We live in a busy society where we can instantly look up amazing sunrises on our phones and get thousands of pictures in a matter of seconds.  But it’s not the same.  Pictures can’t do justice to seeing a sunrise firsthand.  I know.  I’ve tried to take pictures of some that I thought would be beautiful, but they just weren't the same.

Life is meant to be experienced, not Googled.  Yes, we can find some things and sights we may never see in person, but amazing sunrises happen here all the time.  The question we have to ask ourselves is, “Have I taken the time to wait on one?”  As we skate into the second month of 2019, are we patient enough to wait on what God is wanting to reveal to us?  Life is not going to slow down around us, but we can slow down and enjoy life.  We have opportunities every day to experience the wonders of God, or to ignore them and fill our time with busy-ness.

If you’re not a morning person, that’s okay.  Joy can come whenever you realize the source of your joy.  May we experience it in our getting up and lying down, in our going out and coming in, in our work and in our leisure.  May we experience the joy God gives even during difficult times.  Because as each new day dawns, so does the promise that God is with us, for us, and will never forsake us.  God is good, all the time!  And all the time, God is good!

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”  Psalm 30:5

In Christ’s Love,

Rob,  Romans 12

P.S. – I know that the headlines seem to have only bad news, but here are some facts about 2018 that we can rejoice in. They come from the article "Why 2018 Was the Best Year in Human History" by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof.  Kristof claims that the world’s population is living longer and better than ever before.  For instance, each day on average:

  • 295,000 people gain access to electricity for the first time.
  • 305,000 people are able to access clean drinking water for the first time.
  • 620,000 people are able to get online for the first time.
  • Only about 4 percent of children worldwide die by the age of five, down from 19 percent in 1960.
  • Fewer than 10 percent of the world’s population live in extreme poverty, down from more than 50 percent in the 1950s.

He concludes: “Never before has such a large portion of humanity been literate, enjoyed a middle-class cushion, lived such long lives . . . or been confident that their children would survive.  Let’s hit pause on our fears and frustrations and share a nanosecond of celebration at this backdrop of progress.”