It’s an exciting time to be a member of FPC Madtown!

You can truly feel His Spirit moving!

First Presbyterian has just completed the first run of "God’s Warm Place", an exciting adventure into the plight of the homeless.  Next fall we’ll be kicking it into high gear with the shelter being open from December through February.  During the interim we’ll be beating the bushes trying to convince those who are not as fortunate as we that they can trust us and we truly care for their welfare.  We'll also be looking for more help from the community to staff the shelter each evening.

Next month 15 of us are traveling to the Yucatan to finish the San Diego Buena Vista water project, providing our brothers and sisters with pure clean water and checking on the Peto and Xoy projects.  Then hopefully some of us are off to Arkansas to learn how to set up a solar powered water filtration system that can be used in Haiti.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to bring the Good News to our own in western Kentucky.

What a great time to be involved in the work of Christ Jesus!  The air is electric, can you feel it?  If not, perhaps you have been absent from worship, bible study, or fellowship dinner.  If you haven’t been here in a while, come in from the wilderness.  You’ll find that not only is God alive, He’s present at FPC, and is really busy.  Yes, some of us are still a bit annoying, but even Ed and I are improving.  Come on in and see the transformation of the renewing of our minds.

Rev. Pete