As you know Rick, Susanna, Tem, and I had the opportunity to visit the Yucatan including Xoy and our new partner San Diego Buena Vista last month.  As I write this I am anticipating you will hear a detailed report before this newsletter gets in your hand.  However, Xoy is doing great.  They are serving surrounding communities and their own, with agua purificada and employing three operators.  It seemed to me the town has taken what God has given them and increased their blessings by increasing their ministry.

San Diego Buena Vista is in dire need and it is time for us as a church to take what God has given us and increase our blessings by increasing our ministry.  We need money, plain and simple.  We have received generous support, but we need more if we are to help children have clean water.  All the funds collected are used for building the plant and equipment.  The gringos pay their own way to Mexico, pay for their lodging and meals, and donate to the project financially and physically.  What I ask is that you consider options to give as you have received.  You may say you have no resources to give.  Times are hard, mines are shutting down, etc.  Here is a proposal: in lieu of gifts for your birthday, anniversary, grandparents day, Christmas, Pastor Appreciation Day, etc., ask those who might give you some tangible gift to give to the water project(s).  Host a clean water party instead of a dirty Santa party.  Watch the Cats on TV instead of going to the game.  Have a quiet night at home with your sweetie instead of going somewhere for the weekend.  You get the idea.

What did Jesus say?  If you do this for the least of these my children, you do it for me.  I ask you to give and give generously.  If any of you are considering giving me a gift for some reason, please make a donation to the water projects in my name.  Thanks for reading this.

God Bless You.