Paul told the Corinthians that the Body of Christ is made of many parts, each having a specific important role.  And he told the Romans we all do not have the same function, but each of us is vital to the life of the church.  He told the Ephesians that some are to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some shepherds, and some teachers.  He tells us that some will speak in foreign tongues, some will have knowledge and understand mysteries, and some will love us simply because we need love.  We are all important and are needed.

Our church vitality is not whole and is not functioning as it should.  We find fault in others’ service, yet we don’t participate.  How can those who do participate be 100% effective if the body is not whole?  Think about it.  If all 195 members of First Pres showed up, worshipped, and sang praise to the LORD, can you imagine what a visitor would say about our church?  Do you think he or she would be inspired to come again?  Can you imagine coming to church late and having to park across the street?  Can you imagine how much work we could accomplish toward our mission, "to know and make known," if every part was functioning as God intends?

Think about 195 people praying in unison for our church, our community, and our nation.  We could work together to overcome addictions, homelessness, social distress, and loneliness, and pray together that God’s will be done.  We could become a beacon, a lampstand if you will, and let the Light of Jesus beam across western Kentucky.  Imagine the county jail as a boutique shop and mini mall.  Have Faith, and work for the Kingdom, and remember whatever the enemy has tried to take away, God will restore.  God wants to make our lives and our church better than before.  That’s the kind of Father he is.  If you come, do your part, and bring a friend.  Our sanctuary, which was built to hold over 400 worshipers, would be full of vitality and joyous to the LORD.  We do good things now.  However, Jesus said we would do more.  Amen.

On the inside,