Well, the curse is over.  For a lifetime Cub fan, for all the memories this World Series and Game Seven held, it’s interesting that the emotional part for me focused on memories…

  • As a minor leaguer, I dreamed of playing with the heart and ability of Ernie Banks.
  • As a Pony and Colt League player, I wanted to play with Ron Santo’s enthusiasm.
  • As a Legion team all-star, I heard Jack Brickhouse’s chants as I rounded third base in a homerun trot.

I grew up in daily friendly arguments with Shotgun and Sis, the old couple (in their 60s) across the street who lived and breathed for the St. Louis Cardinals.  Some of my best memories of being 9 or 10 included the daily paper route stop at Swannie’s Tap, where I would spend my tip money on Slim Jim’s, pickled eggs, fresh jerky, and peanuts dumped in an Orange Crush, where I heard the “old farts” arguing about Fergie Jenkins being better than Bob Gibson.  I never argued with them, knowing my place and knowing how intelligent they were.  Most of my coaches spent a lot of time at Swannie’s.  My experiences and best memories of baseball all involve being with folks, good folks who care and have a focus – especially a lifelong focus of winning.  So, as I watched last night’s clinching game with Pat and Mossy, it was even better because of the text dialog I was having for several hours with both our daughters, their husbands, our grandchildren, and friends from church.  A sense of community and a strong focus of that community is tough to beat.

I think that’s one reason I love the church, truly Christ’s body.  Together, we build memories of sharing our common goals that lift Christ.  We do His mission, knowing we are following in the generational footsteps of other believers.  We want to do well on the field of life, knowing others depend on us and another generation is looking up to us.

Today we celebrate (unless, I guess, you’re a Cardinal fan).  But Spring Training is right around the corner, and the 2017 season starts April 3…against the St. Louis Cardinals.  Holy Cow!

God has some wonderful blessings for you today.  Believe that!  He also has good things for you to do today, in His name.  Go ahead, get out there on the field, and win one for…Jesus!

So long Billy Goat Curse!