“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”  Romans 12:11

Last month, Pat and I vacationed for a week with our soon-to-be teenage grandson, Carter.  We rode a lot of roller coasters at Cedar Point, Ohio.  We toured Niagra Falls from both the US and Canadian sides, getting very wet.  We ate two great meals in Buffalo, New York – a diner showcased on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and the Anchor Bar and Grill (original home of Buffalo wings).  We ended our trip with tours of the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in northern Kentucky.  Needless to say, Pat and I were bushed as we pulled back into our driveway.  I believe even Carter was a bit saddle weary from the 1700 mile trip.

Part of what kept Pat and me going day after day was watching the zeal of a 12-year old boy enjoying new experiences.  His eyes widened as he approached each roller coaster.  You could see the wonder in his eyes while watching millions of gallons of water flow each minute over the Falls.  His eyes got huge as waitresses set his grilled mac and cheese and a platter of wings on our table.  You could see the wheels in his mind turning as he explored the full-sized replica of Noah’s ark.

It was good that our vacation ended with the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter.  With its solid gospel message in open view at every turn, I’m glad that Carter was able to allow that to be the final filter for all the other experiences - some fun, some magnificent, some quiet and reflective.

As we left town for our travels, we knew that Dotty Garrigan’s family was, as Mike put it, “waiting for angels.”  Much of the week we were gone was spent by church folks back home preparing for the celebration of her life on July 13th.  Dotty’s legacy is such a wonderful one for us all.  She lived life for her family, her friends, and her Lord.  She lived in such a way that none of us ever wondered about the love she shared with us and with her Savior.  As her earthly time ended and eternity opened its grandeur to Dotty, I couldn’t help but consider the wonder of her wide-eyed entry into the Kingdom.  As thrilled as I was to see Carter enjoy his new experiences, I was even more thrilled for Dotty Garrigan as those angels escorted her past all there is to see in the heavenly realm.  Can’t you imagine her spiritual fervor?!

Roller coasters are great; the ark is stupendous; Niagra Falls is breathtaking.  Good for you, Carter!  I’m glad you got to take it all in!  And good for you, Dotty!  The greatest reward is now yours.