This past Mother’s Day was my 16th anniversary of ministering with all the great believers of First Presbyterian Church here in Madisonville.  Even though I came here with ten years of pastoring and preaching experience, your lives blended with mine since 2001 have created in me a different kind of spirit – better able to feel God’s Holy Spirit in me as I witness His presence regularly in you.  Funny thing is that this drives me to want more of those experiences…with Him and with you.

Over the past 26 years I have taken time to re-evaluate and update a personal faith statement that was first started as I entered seminary in 1988.  You can be assured that I am not the same person (that’s a good thing for all of us).  What I’m beginning to understand is that, done right, a relationship with Christ allows for who I was, lifts me to who I am, and believes in who I am becoming.  Just for your information, here is my most recent update on my continually revising personal faith statement.  I’ve made it simple, so I can live as though what I believe matters.
I believe:

  • my God is holy
  • my God is worthy
  • my God is love
  • my God is grace
  • my God is sovereign
  • my God is faithful
  • my God’s Word is sure

Simple belief system.  I probably wouldn’t get a very good grade on it in seminary.  Notice, though, there are no periods after the statements.  These simple beliefs are unchanging, yet without the periods, they are always explainable in new and fresh ways.  You all have taught me that is possible.

Thank you.  And thanks be to God, who works everything together for good for all of us who love Him.  (Read the whole thing in Romans 8:27-28.)



ps.  There is no longer a land line phone in the Lorton’s home.  As with many of you, that phone connected to the wall was only taking in less than ten calls a month, and the vast majority of them were from phone marketers and poll-takers.  We have nothing against phone marketers or poll-takers by the way.  We do want everyone to know how you can call us. Here are our cell numbers:

  • Lon 270.871.0770
  • Pat 270.399.0120

Services for our old home phone will be handled through Barnett-Strother, where condolences may be left on line at their website (or maybe you can contact them on their land line).