“You can only be young once, but you can always be immature.” – Dave Barry

What if we could just push the pause button on growth?  Would you choose to stay 16 forever?  How about 39?  Or would your pause button be at 60?  Aging is something we cannot stop.  But maturity – that is a different story.  We can keep living and behaving with the same understanding at 40 that we had at 14.  It would be awkward for anyone watching, but we can choose to do it.

With the coming of March we are into the season of Great Banquets – seven of them before the end of May to be exact (and that’s not counting YES and Chrysalis weekends).  A fresh season of Banquets always has me reflecting on the potential for spiritual maturity.  Over the past three decades I’ve seen adults young, old, and in between at every level of spiritual maturity.  I’ve come to realize the pause button I mentioned earlier is available in our spiritual lives, too.

Think back to when you became a believer.  You probably got into God’s Word and grew.  But, like many folks, you may have allowed things like career, marriage, and family to take up more of your days than you might have guessed possible.  And, like so many others, you pushed the pause button on your spiritual growth.

Maybe you’ve rebounded in your spirituality from time to time, only to interrupt the growth spurts by hitting the pause button at various moments, for short or long periods of time.  Some have gone through much of their lives as if their spirituality had an on/off switch.  So, using your age as a starting point, and deducting away years when the spiritual switch was in the "off" position, what spiritual age would you give yourself?

Do you see how it can be difficult for many of us to live a spiritually mature life, especially if we’ve just not accumulated the spiritual years to behave maturely?  Hebrews 5:13 puts it this way, “Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness.”

Is there still much to be understood about our lives in Christ?  You bet!  Definitely!  Will it require a higher level of maturity to reach that understanding?  Yes, definitely.  Let’s pray for all the guests going through this Banquet season (and for the team members, too), for one another, and for all of us together as the church family.  Let’s be sure our spiritual switches are turned "on", and not let the things of the world become stones to stumble over in our spiritual paths.