God is Still Here

Be still and know“I am not moved by what I see.  I am not moved by what I feel.  I am moved only by what I believe.”  Smith Wigglesworth

What we believe matters.  It matters every second of every day.

  • A flood of negative circumstances is batting you down.  The existence of a good God begins to seem questionable to you.  Where do you turn?
  • Two nicely dressed young men knock on your door wanting to teach you about their religion.  The things they are teaching sound good, yet in your heart you know they are not being completely honest in what they say.  Where do you turn?
  • You’re at a point in life where much of what you’ve thought and have worked for don’t seem to be worth the effort.  And now, there are choices ahead – choices that will determine the rest of your life.  Where do you turn?
  • After years of faithful prayer and worship, this “God experience” is drying up and you are emotionally sapped.  Where do you turn?
  • Maybe you are standing on the edge of a compromise you thought you’d never make.  The moral crossroads in front of you are huge.  Where do you turn?

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