God Left Nothing to Chance

Jesus BirthNone of what happened in the birth story of Baby Jesus was coincidental.  This was a God-orchestrated event that fulfilled the prophesies God had given centuries before through men like Isaiah and Micah.

Everything that happened, from the time the census was ordered, to everyone returning to their own city to be registered, to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem - all of it was orchestrated by God.  And out of tiny Bethlehem, came the Messiah.

We celebrate this as the beginning of something incredible.  Jesus, the Christ, left His throne in glory and took on human form just to reconcile us to our Father.  He came into the world, miraculously conceived, and yet born as we all are.  He was a baby, a toddler, then a young boy who became a man.  Jesus experienced humanity at all levels; He truly can identify with all people at all stages of life.

That very first Christmas, God gave the greatest gift ever - His Son.  And His Son gave the gift of His life - which was why He came.  Because of that, we all can have a relationship with God as His children, sons and daughters of the Creator of all, through Jesus Christ.

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