Jesus or Barabbas?

Rev. Lon Lorton

March 26, 2017

Mark 15:1-15

Jesus was determined to suffer and die.

  • Isaiah 53: 4-7

The cost of grace

  • Like Barabbas, we have been spared at the cost of God’s grace.
  • We need to come to the realization, "Yes, my sin and God’s love required Christ’s death.”
  • Like Barabbas, we walk away free because of the suffering death of Christ.

The crowd had been hoping for a messiah.

  • Some in the crowd were believers.
  • Some in the crowd were zealots.
  • Some in the crowd were merchants.
  • Some in the crowd were religious folks.

Pilate was hoping to please the crowd.

  • Pilate had complete authority to do with Jesus as he pleased.