Transfiguration Sunday

Rev. Lon Lorton

February 26, 2017

Mark 8:2-9

What happened at Jesus’ transfiguration is difficult to describe.

  • Jesus’ divinity and Godliness were momentarily exposed.
  • Jesus’ holiness was unveiled.

Characteristics of a “mountaintop experience”:

  • A particularly holy moment
  • A place to not want to leave

They Like Jesus But Not the Church [Dan Kimball]

  • People outside the church have a good opinion of Jesus.
  • People outside the church have a lousy opinion of Christians.

Peter wanted to build a bubble.

Holy places in our lives are precious, but are not to be bottled up or stored away.

Jesus needed to come down from the mountaintop, as do we.

  • Our faith is developed on a journey with Christ.

For the curious, how do you suppose the disciples recognized Moses and Elijah?

  • Wearing nametags?
  • Recognized their voices?
  • Jesus was proper in introducing everyone?