Rev. Rob Wilson

August 21, 2016


Righteous: loves God, pursues what is Holy
Learner: values understanding and humility; seeks knowledge
Realistic: has a vision for what is attainable
Disciplined: has restraint and self-control in every area of life
Reliable: trustworthy, dependable and honest
Reachable: profits from correction and seeks advice
Likeable: easy to approach; values relationships over status



Unrighteous: hates what is holy; sin is a sport to him
Unwise: unable to possess wisdom; arrogance keeps him from understanding that he doesn't get it; doesn't know that he doesn't know
Unrealistic: cannot see things as they really are; always waiting for his ship to come in; always overestimates himself and acts with pride
Undisciplined: has no self-control with anything (money, temper, words, etc.)
Unreliable: dishonest; not to be trusted
Unreachable: rejects wisdom and instruction
Unlikeable: bring conflicts, trouble, confusion, and grief