Rev. Lon Lorton

April 17, 2016

Isaiah 6:1-8

We are certainly in need of another great revival.

  • It is time…and it has to start somewhere.

Isaiah lived in such a time.

  • Chapter One: A wayward people
  • Chapter Five: Woes pronounced
  • Chapter Six: Isaiah is revived - in such a time

A new awareness of the character of God (vs. 1-4)

Isaiah looks to God

  • He is All Powerful – Omnipotent
  • He is All Knowing – Omniscient
  • He is Everywhere – Omnipresent

A fresh awakening of conscience (vs. 5-6)

  • Measuring ourselves by God’s standard

A fresh awakening of concern for others (vs. 8)

  • Real revival produces kingdom results, not necessarily personal satisfaction