Rev. Lon Lorton

January 31, 2016

Acts 3:1-10

What does it mean to live your life for Jesus?

“Our fear as pastors should not be that people might leave our church, but rather that they stay in our church and remain unchanged.”  [Daniel Henderson, Strategic Renewal]

Asking for help is difficult!

Isn't God doing something in your life right now?

How are you reaching out to others, “In the name of Christ?”  [Acts 3:6]

Whom will you run into today or tomorrow who does not need at least a little bit of healing?

Peter's response:

  1. He gave what he had: Jesus Christ.  [vs. 6]
  2. He did what he did “in the name of Jesus Christ.”  [vs. 6]
  3. He offered a hand up.  [vs.7]
  4. He worshiped with the man.  [vs. 8]
  5. He took the opportunity to testify.  [vs. 12]