Rev. Lon Lorton

July 26, 2015

2 Kings 5:9-13

When you’re traveling down the wrong road, the sooner you turn around the better…

Why is it difficult to ask for help?
Why does it seem even more difficult to accept help?

Humbling ourselves isn’t easy.
Humbling ourselves isn’t convenient.
Humbling ourselves doesn’t come naturally.

The reality of our true situation is sometimes shocking.

What all of us know about everybody…

  1. Without Jesus Christ there is emptiness (Romans 8:20).
  2. Without Jesus Christ everybody is lonely.
  3. Without Jesus Christ everybody feels guilt (Romans 3:23).
  4. Without Jesus Christ everybody is afraid of dying.

There is a cure for what ails everybody living without Jesus Christ:

  1. Drop your armor.
  2. Reveal yourself.
  3. Follow God’s directions.

Jesus says…

  • to the person who feels empty – John 10:9-10
  • to the person who feels lonely – Revelation 3:20
  • to the person who feels guilty – 1 John 1:8-9
  • to the person who is afraid to die – John 11:25-26